Saturday, May 2, 2015

Inching Closer

Hubby and I had another long talk about Christian Domestic Discipline last night. 

Some of the things we talked about:

  • God placed the husband in a position of authority even before the curse, so both women and men tend to be happier when the marriage is "upright" with the husband at the head, simply because this is our "created nature."
  • It was not until after the curse that man had to implement discipline to maintain his position as head of the marriage, but without him maintaining his position of authority, both the husband and the wife are unhappy.
  • Yes, CDD has a sexual attraction; however, I am NOT a masochist and I do not enjoy pain.  The sexual aspect of CDD usually comes about because the woman is attracted to authority (because of her created nature) and authority is not true authority without the means to enforce it.
  • There is usually no "safe word" in CDD because the wife totally trusts the husband to provide discipline but temper it with his love for her.

I am surprised that he is not only open to it but seems to like the idea A LOT.  

Even though he does not have a close relationship with God right now, I do totally trust my husband.  He is kindhearted and he is a good leader.  

I have ALMOST put aside my concerns that I would be controlled by my stepdaughter if we had CDD in our marriage.  I have learned that if I am submissive and soft spoken, he is less likely to go into "protective dad mode" and HE is harder on her than I ever would be.

So I am in prayer this morning about where to go from here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Been Thinking About CDD A Lot.

Lately I've had CDD on my mind A LOT.  Mostly trying to figure out what's wrong with me?  Yes, I'm a coward.  I know that.  But I DO trust my husband and I know he's tenderhearted toward me.

I don't think cowardice is my main problem.  No... not at all.

If I'm totally honest with myself (and I'm trying to be), I have to admit my main problem is I don't WANT to obey my husband.  Or anyone, for that matter.  In my years away from the CDD community, I've gotten strong-willed and I don't think I like that about myself.

I can offer all kinds of excuses...

#1 - My husband is not a Christian

. . .but I know what the Bible says about this.  I have even written articles about it.  My husband being non-Christian is NOT a good excuse.

#2 - I can't seem to get along with my stepdaughter

...this is probably a little better excuse and the one that stops me the most from fully going forward with CDD in my marriage.  However, it's still not a Biblical reason NOT to obey your husband and it would probably even turn his heart more toward his marriage if I was a better wife (i.e. including CDD in our marriage).

#3 - I've "outgrown" the need for CDD

...this one makes me laugh at myself.  It's very OBVIOUS I have not outgrown CDD.  If anything, I need discipline more than I ever did.  It doesn't have as much sexual appeal, but sexual appeal is not the primary reason for CDD.  So this excuse holds, like, ZERO water.

Okay... so here I sit.  All excuses taken care of.

Now I'm scared

Y'all please pray for me, okay???

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Told Him About CDD

Call me a big chicken.  I deserve it.

But three years into our relationship, I finally told my husband about CDD tonight.

And just like I predicted, he took to it like a duck to water.  Offered to make a paddle for me just like the one he has for his daughter.  Yikes!

As I've mentioned before, I've heard that paddle in use.

I told him, "No, thank you... um... not right now..."

We didn't talk about a CDD lifestyle specifically for us... mostly just in general since he'd really never heard of such a thing before, at least a real lifestyle... but he made it clear he was down for it.  In fact, he thinks it's a GREAT idea lol.

Apparently he thinks there's a need for it :-/

Hmmmm..... lots to think about.  In the meantime, I think I'll just go bite off all my fingernails.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Invention of Spanking

Just released!!! The Invention of Spanking is a story about Adam and Eve and their struggle to live in peace after their ejection from the Garden.

How do you think Adam will deal with Eve's strong will and sharp tongue?

Available now on Amazon, Lulu, and Smashwords!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Funny... Had to Take a Pic

Saw this a few days ago while I was out driving, so I had to stop and take a picture.  Not sure what "CDD" stands for in this particular instance,

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Almost a year ago, I met the man of my dreams. 

Seriously, he could have stepped right out of one of my books.  I could write an entire series of romance novels with him as the hero and not change ONE THING.

But what would this sexy, highly sought-after confirmed bachelor want with a ridiculously nervous, girl-next-door type like me who couldn't even look him in the eye when I talked to him?

I don't know either... but today I became his bride :D

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Story - The Beginning

So I met my fiance' last July.  I'm going to be brutally honest here and tell you... I met him on an online dating site.  I had just moved to another state and knew nobody, so I was on one of the free dating sites and just happened to come across his picture.

Oh my goodness, as soon as I saw him I wanted him:)  But I never thought he'd actually email me back.  His description was very short and to the point... "bleed blue and orange, lots of ink..."  So I sent him an email that told him I only bleed blue.  Is that going to be a problem?  He said No, it was not a problem and asked for my phone number.

I had a little bit of a problem giving out my phone number, but I had never been so attracted to a picture/profile before so I gave it to him and asked him to text me.

He did!  We became chat buddies the next morning and had a really light-hearted conversation in which I learned he hunted, fished, and loved football season.  He was a charmer.  I didn't know it at the time, but he actually had quite a few chat buddies and never expected it to go much farther than that.

But after a couple of days, he asked me to come over to his house and I freaked out.  Backed out of the whole thing.  Told him I wasn't ready to date right now.  Seriously, I was scared to death.

Instead of getting upset, he was soooo sweet about it.  Told me he understood... that he'd be there when I was ready.  He really knew exactly what to say and he's good at that to this day.

So we never really stopped texting and a month later I was finally ready to meet him.

That first meeting was a disaster, really.  I was such a nervous wreck that I could barely talk.  All I kept thinking was he is such an attractive man.  He must be used to dating beautiful women.  He would never want to date me.

He hugged me a couple of times and kissed me so quickly on the lips I could only imagine how nice it could be if he kissed me for real.

I learned that day that he was an avid fisherman who loved to spearfish.  He had more deer horns on his wall than anybody I'd ever met, and out in his woodworking shop he had a large set of tusks that he told me came from a wild boar he killed when he was 13 years old.  Quite a few snake skins out there, too.  And a picture of him holding up a fat rattlesnake that reached to his feet...eek!  He hinted a little bit about gator hunting but I didn't get those stories until later.  Anyway, you get the picture.

I ended up leaving early that first day.  He texted me a couple hours later and made sure I'd made it home safe, but after that I didn't text him for two or three days.  I just couldn't imagine that he would like me.  But I couldn't resist and texted him several days later.  He told me he thought I didn't like him:)  I told him the truth... that he must be used to dating beautiful women and I didn't think he liked me.

You know what he said?  He said, "Who told you you're not a beautiful woman?"


He always knows what to say.

So that was the beginning of my very own love story.