Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello old friends!

I know you've not heard from me in awhile, and there is a very good reason for my absence that I am getting ready to explain. This is not easy for me, especially in light of my writing and focus of the past several years, but I feel this must be said and done.

In September of 2010, my husband left me.

For those of you who've read Christian Domestic Discipline 101, you'll remember I said that CDD is NOT a cure for a bad marriage, and I'm sad to say that, indeed, it was not a cure for mine.

My husband had some other issues that I believe are deep seated mental problems, but we won't go into that. Suffice it to say that I did everything I could to save the marriage but it failed regardless.

I spent the first year healing.

The second year... well... :D I am happy to say I have met someone new... someone I think many of you would like. He is a good-hearted, tough-as-nails redneck that wears his dominance like a second skin, and he has asked me to marry him in the fall!

I know this is fast since many of you are just learning that my marriage failed, but I hope you'll remember that it has been two years since my ex-husband left me (and believe me, he did it in the cruelest of ways).

I hope you'll be able to look past my failed marriage and journey with me into this new relationship with quite literally the man of my dreams. I have a lot of joy and hope, mingled with fears and doubts. I am self-conscious and wonder since he could have any woman he wants, why would he choose me?

And no... he does not know about Christian Domestic Discipline. He doesn't know who I am or what is the subject of my books.

BUT I believe he would take to it like a duck to water once I get the courage to tell him about it.

So friends, go with me on this journey. Give ME advice. Pray with me and share with me in the days leading up to my wedding and new life.

I promise you won't regret it.

Love and Blessings,

Understanding Christian Domestic Discipline


  1. Hi Leah - HuffPost Live would love to host you for a conversation about CDD. We want to look at what it is, why people practice it and we also want people to talk to us about their personal experiences. Are you interested and available to join us by webcam? The conversation will be from 2:30PM ET to 3PM ET tomorrow Tuesday 6/25. You can email me at laurie.guthmann@huffingtonpost.com

  2. Christian...but doesn't remarriage make you an adulterer?

  3. Seriously Alexandra? To answer your question no if you want to get biblical on it if your spouse leaves or commits adultery u can remarry..but theres soo much more to this explanation...

  4. Its ok, hon, not your fault, but in bad situations, God does have a plan for each of us, and happy for you now.

  5. I hope finding this blog a year later than your posts that things in your life are still going well and you are still happy and in love.

  6. Still very happy :-) Thanks xoxoxo

  7. Today was the first time I read the article on Christian Domestic Discipline on The Daily Beast and I wanted to correct some misconceptions. The article seemed to imply that my marriage to my ex-husband ended because he was physically abusive (their interpretation of "deep-seated mental issues." Truth is, he was not physically abusive IN THE LEAST. In fact, he was very inconsistent and tentative with CDD. Maybe CDD could have saved our marriage had he been more willing to participate. I don't know.

    The deep seated mental issues I was referring to had more to do with narcissistic/passive aggressive behavior than physical abuse. Sorry to burst their bubble. I continue to stand by what I wrote in my book, "Understanding Christian Domestic Discipline." God does not give authority without the means to enforce it, otherwise it would not be true authority. In the Bible, it is repeatedly said that the husband is the authority in a marriage.