Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Been Thinking About CDD A Lot.

Lately I've had CDD on my mind A LOT.  Mostly trying to figure out what's wrong with me?  Yes, I'm a coward.  I know that.  But I DO trust my husband and I know he's tenderhearted toward me.

I don't think cowardice is my main problem.  No... not at all.

If I'm totally honest with myself (and I'm trying to be), I have to admit my main problem is I don't WANT to obey my husband.  Or anyone, for that matter.  In my years away from the CDD community, I've gotten strong-willed and I don't think I like that about myself.

I can offer all kinds of excuses...

#1 - My husband is not a Christian

. . .but I know what the Bible says about this.  I have even written articles about it.  My husband being non-Christian is NOT a good excuse.

#2 - I can't seem to get along with my stepdaughter

...this is probably a little better excuse and the one that stops me the most from fully going forward with CDD in my marriage.  However, it's still not a Biblical reason NOT to obey your husband and it would probably even turn his heart more toward his marriage if I was a better wife (i.e. including CDD in our marriage).

#3 - I've "outgrown" the need for CDD

...this one makes me laugh at myself.  It's very OBVIOUS I have not outgrown CDD.  If anything, I need discipline more than I ever did.  It doesn't have as much sexual appeal, but sexual appeal is not the primary reason for CDD.  So this excuse holds, like, ZERO water.

Okay... so here I sit.  All excuses taken care of.

Now I'm scared

Y'all please pray for me, okay???


  1. Praying for you, I know its a hard step but you will step and be blessed for it

  2. Hi Leah, I'm a journalist and would like to talk to you about CDD so I can understand it better for an article. Would you be interested? Please email me if so :)

  3. Hi, I'm an editor at relationship website ( and we're interested in you writing about your experiences with CDD for our website. Please contact me at Thanks!

  4. When you get married, God has given him that position, and he has the right to punish, even spank you. He needs NOT your permission. God has given him that the day you are engaged and married. You have no say. Even when he is not living God's way. 1 Peter 3:1.